AgroVivienda Project Info

Agro Vivienda:

  • Why AgroVivienda? Agro in Spanish comes from the word agricultura which means agriculture and vivienda means home. The concept behind Agro Vivienda is to implement a self-sustainable community and an income stream for a family from its own land and home. The idea of providing a land lot of over 10,000 SF is for each owner to be able to cultivate and grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, this could be a source of income that will allow for a profit and payment of mortgage or living expenses.
  • Better quality of life as you will be surrounded by nature and untouched vegetation and environment with fresh air and no pollution. Enjoy as well the close proximity to beaches and all year long excellent weather.
  • Eventual educational campaigns of the environment, agriculture, farming, ecology and protection of the environment. Volunteer and educate to help the community preserve their environment and be able to grow organic and healthy vegetables and fruits.

Floor Plan: Model 1 and Model 2 (includes 2 bathrooms)


 Modelo 2

  • Basic house of 60 square meters (600 SF)  includes three bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining room space on a 1000 square meters (10,764 SF) land lot. Home includes basic finishes such as kitchen, bathroom, flooring, doors, and windows.
  • We currently also have a model 3, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Our newest model is 2 floor homes with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and 140 square meters.
  • Want a bigger home? Need more space? House can be made larger for extra cost. We will be glad to work with you and design a more comfortable home for your needs. If you wish to design and build your own home there are also options to buy land lots.
  • Enjoy of basic utilities such as water, electricity, telephone, internet access, trash collection
  • Live in a closed community which will include security. This way you will enjoy the tranquility of good living while knowing you are more secure.
  • Eventually there will be the development of sport courts, parks, walking paths, churches, commercial area in order to add additional value to your investment and improve the community with additional features that will be beneficial for your well-being.

New Two Story Model Home

New 2 Story Home Video


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  • Located in the Provincia of Santa Elena minutes away from famous beach city Salinas in Ecuador
  • Surrounded by three main cities: Salinas, Santa Elena and La Libertad
  • On the main road of Guayaquil to Salinas and easy and close access to other roads that lead to close by towns and cities.
  • Live surrounded by nature, fresh air, enjoy of quality of live and also be less than 15 minutes away from the beach
  • Accessibility to transportation means from the property with close access to medical facilities, shopping mall, movie theatres, shops
  • 90 miles from Guayaquil which is the largest city in Ecuador. Guayaquil has an international airport where US flights arrive daily as well as from other international destinations.
  • New airport of Salinas which opened in 2014 is currently being adjusted to receive international flights.
  • Sunshine almost all year long with temperature in the range of 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit similar to California weather.



Homes starting at $37,000.  (does not include closing costs) basic home as shown on floor plans

Want a larger home? Floor plans and sizes can be adjusted for additional costs

Land lots may also be purchased

Financing plans:

Provide 10% to 50% down payment and balance financed at 0% interest for 12 months

Finance up to 50% of the purchase price in the United States for terms up to 2 years at low interest rates similar to rates in the United States

3% discount if paid in full at closing