Where is the project located?
The project is located in the main highway Salinas – Guayaquil kilometer 23.5 across the turn to San Pablo.
Cities close by:
Atahualpa : 5 min
Santa Elena: 10 min
Salinas: 20 min
La Libertad: 15 min
Playas: 45 min
Guayaquil : 90 min

What is the price of the home? What finishes does it come with?
Homes start at a price of $29,500 (includes a homes of 54 square meters and a land lot of approximately 1,000 square meters 10 meters by 100 meters). The homes contain 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room area, dining room area, and kitchen.
Homes are made 100% of concrete and cast iron. The ceiling of the homes has a width of 10 cm that can allow you in the future to construct a second home (design subject to approval in order to keep the design harmony of the community).
All homes come with floors, imported windows, doors, main entrance door with security, bathroom and kitchen.

Additionally we have new models which include 3 bedrooms/ 2 baths and our newest model is of two floors, 3 bedrooms / 2.5 baths and 140 square meters.

What financing plans are available?
The financing plans are as follow for foreign nationals:
10% to 50% down payment and balance financed at 0% for 12 months.
Finance up to 50% of the purchase price in the United States for terms up to 3 years at low rates in the United States.
If home is paid 100% cash a 3% discount will apply.
If the home is paid in full this investment of $29,500 can also serve to be eligible for residency in Ecuador as a foreign national.
With how much can a reserve a home?
You may reserve a home with $3,000. This deposit will then be applied towards the balance.

When are homes going to be available to be able to move in?
Currently we have 140 constructed homes of which the majority are ready to be lived in. The construction plan is of 10-20 homes per month.

May I visit the project? Is there a model home?
We currently have two model homes available for visiting. A third one is being constructed. The project and the area near the project can also be visited.

Additional questions?
Please send us an email at contacto@agrovivienda.com or sales@agrovivienda.com.
If located in the USA you may also contact us at 305-602-1717